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Case Study: Effective Quality Solutions

In April of 2018, MCI/AST began a partnership with an automotive manufacturing company in central Kentucky. The client was having significant quality issues with various parts reaching their customer’s facility that were not meeting the customer’s quality standards. MCI|AST was brought in as part of the client’s efforts to resolve their quality issues.


We met with the client, worked with them to understand the root causes of the quality issues, and started our partnership with 4 MCI|AST employees on the production floor to assist quality efforts. Three months later, MCI|AST had reached a high of 15 quality employees working on site at the customer’s location, and as of this writing, the client plans to add 10 more MCI|AST employees for a new product launch. The sharp increase in MCI|AST employees on site shows that our client has recognized the value of partnering with MCI|AST in terms of establishing and maintaining quality in their company, and the client is now trusting MCI|AST with new product launches only three months into our partnership!

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